Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moving Onward, Moving Out

Image by Pamela Leigh Richards
The merry month of May is also turning out to be a month of movement.  In fact, I've felt at times like I'm on a speeding train I not only cannot get off, but have to drive.  Unfortunately, most of this has not been related to my housebuilding project but to work.  I'd like to get off this bullet train and get on the Peace Train instead, by there are many projects, many deadlines, and little time to think about - let alone do - anything else.  I really shouldn't even be writing this post right now, but grading the papers, or working on the grant and two articles that all need to be done by Monday.

However, I have finally purchased and received my plans for the Enviro Dome from Owen Geiger and Kelly Hart.  I cannot sing the praises of these guys enough.  When I was preparing to order the plans, I had a substantial list of questions that I emailed to Owen, and he replied within a half hour with answers.  I then placed my order, and received the plans in PDF files a few hours later.

I will finally be visiting my land next Friday to pick a building site and prepare to move the Sky Bus.  It hit me the other day how little time is left before I have to move out of my rental house, so I've been fighting off a sense of panic.  There is much to do, in many different areas, and it's difficult at times to prioritize, since it seems to all need doing at once.

But, I know it will all happen, and this time next month, I will be living in the Sky Bus on my land.  That light at the end of the tunnel keeps me going.  

I had no idea Dolly Parton covered this song so...interestingly.  
What's up with that weird skirt?


  1. You gotta to love Dolly. Keep at it, and thanks for the update!

  2. Thanks, Lou! Yes, Dolly is something else.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I'm finally getting on the Peace Train six months late, but I'm almost ready to board. I'm almost done with packing and will be on the road to rancho desert rose on the 22nd. We have several commencement ceremonies next week and then I am free.

  4. Hi jicky, was wondering where you are with things. Glad to hear you're getting on the Peace Train - at least one of us is!

  5. You'll get there. The extra time has allowed me to make more plans and change some of the ones that were in place. I just want to get out there and get started on my earthbag house. I'll be posting an update on my blog tomorrow sometime.

  6. Hello,
    I think we have land in the same neighborhood!
    I read that you will be choosing your building site soon. When I first arrived, I hired Redtail Surveying to come out and mark my corners. I'm glad I did because the survey revealed that a neighbor had miscalculated and built a shed on my lot. In addition to that the road that runs north-south had drifted over the years and was cutting into my land significantly. I highly reccomend using a metal detector to find the old survey pins or getting a surveyor to mark your corners.
    It would be a drag to get started and find out halfway through that your buildsite is where the road is actually supposed to be.
    Redtail was friendly and professional if you need a surveyor.

  7. In prayers with you, polli, as you're going through this great shifting of yours. Peace sent to you, light, joy, space, all good things and more.
    love & blessings.

  8. Hi Polli - Susan - So glad I checked over here tonight to see how the project is going! Good work and keep those butterflies outside your tummy!! I have a note to myself regarding one of your posts, actually 2 of your posts - one was about the Black Swan and one was about Virginal Pep. I think the VP is here at Home Sweet, but maybe BS is on the other site - my point is, those posts were very meaningful to me and I'd like to either guest post a whole article or "lift" some parts of them - DEFINITELY GIVING YOUR THE CREDIT! I know you're swamped right now but if you can give me a link to those posts, I would love to review them. I'm blogging now over at my Online Art for Sale and I'd feature you as a guest poster, if you're interested. Warmest regards, Dianna/Sunrise Sister

  9. I was talking to someone about Taos at lunch today. Then I came across your blog :)

    What a fascinating endeavor. I wish you great success. I wish more poeple see the importance of leaving this planet a better place for our future generations as you do.

  10. rebelgardener - Well, hi neighbor! Whereabouts are you? Interestingly, I just interviewed Redtail Surveying for the column I write for the Taos News. I don't think I can afford them for a survey though. I'm going to rent a metal detector and just doing it myself.

    Claire - Thank you. Your support means a lot to me. :) It really is a great shifting, as you say, and I've been feeling that deeply lately.

  11. Dianna - I'm honored, thank you! Yes, my time is very limited right now, but I'd love to do a guest post once I'm a bit more settled. I think the black swan post you're talking about may be "Swan Song for the Moment"? And yes, it's at The Whole Blooming World. You're more than welcome to "lift" from either of those posts.

    Mila - Have you been to Taos? It really is a great place to live. I was just telling a friend the other night, I don't think I'd be going ahead with this plan if I didn't live in a place that is so supportive of such projects.